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Sample Policy

Parameters definition :

Company’s Sample Policy – In AXIOM EXPORTS, we are associated with dealers, architects and building companies in many countries. Every day we get connected with various new buyers from all over the world. A conversion of order begins with inquiry and then reaches to sample. As per our company’s general policy we provide free samples to every new buyer of any standard size and all finishes but we request that the cost of the parcel carrier be paid for.

The Process of requesting a sample – You need to go to our “Product” category where you will find a button below each product’s picture by the name of “Request a sample”. By clicking on that you will get a form which you need to fill. Please mention all sizes and finish of sample that you require carefully. In the last box you need to write “Your parcel carrier company name and account no.”. Please make sure that after submitting this form you contact your parcel carrier company and arranged for pick-up.

If you are not associated with any parcel carrier company then you can click on box “Or choose to pay through PayPal”. There you will have to deposit USD 50 to our PayPal account. Amount USD 50 is total refundable in your final order.

Since these are natural stones so it is obvious that each piece will vary in colour except some stones like black granite, beige sandstone, etc. Please note that samples are small piece of stones so all variations of colour cannot be seen in one piece of sample. So there will always be some variation of colour, depending on the stone, in the final order that you will receive.

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