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Axiom Exports brings you 22 edges in all granite and marble tops. No matter if you use granite, marble or sandstone on countertops but the edges can bring the glory to the kitchen and rooms. Shape of tops edges matter because it gives your kitchen and room a unique look. Standard thicknesses such as square, round, etc. are mostly used in kitchen tops with 2 – 3 cm thickness due to cleaning issue.

Square with a waterfall edge of countertops are also very popular for traditional granite table tops. An ogee edge gives a timeless effect to tops where as Dupont square with a 80 degree top edge looks classy. French cove edge of kitchen tops are used for modern sinks can change the whole look of the kitchen. Waterfall edge of tops is a new traditional design with a beautiful curve but the thickness should be at least 4 cm to bring the effect of curves on table. A slanted and reversed edge appears simple yet dramatic on tops. Believe it or not, but the edge can define the personality of user.

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